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PrimeAlert® Goes Live at Kettering Fire Station in Ohio

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Our PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System, announces the successful go-live for the Kettering Fire Department in Kettering, Ohio.

The Kettering Fire Department deployed both PrimeAlert® IP, dispatching information via high-speed IP network, and PrimeAlert® Radio, sending dispatch information to first responders in the field via radio system.

The Kettering Fire Department has five fire stations. Three of the fire stations have the PrimeAlert® system installed for automated voice alerting. Two fire stations have added PrimeAlert® zoned fire station alerting.

Zoned fire station alerting is particularly useful in multi-unit fire stations, and is designed to help reduce sleep deprivation for first responders. Zoned station alerting automatically routes dispatches and alerting functions directly to the responders assigned to handle the emergency, allowing other responders to sleep uninterrupted, minimizing the negative effects of sleep deprivation

“By deploying the PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System, the City of Kettering, Ohio has made a strong commitment to increase the safety and well-being of its citizens and its emergency responders. The station alerting technologies deployed in Kettering’s zoned fire stations reduce chronic, intermittent stress and sleep deprivation in first responders, and helps improve their health and well-being,”
– Glenn Neal, President and CTO, Locution Systems

The Kettering Fire Department’s fire stations also have a host of additional PrimeAlert® fire station alerting devices, including:

  • PrimeAlert® Reader Boards – visually display dispatch information.
  • PrimeAlert® Response Timers – visually show first responders the time it’s taking them to reach the apparatus bay to leave for an emergency call.
  • PrimeAlert® Night Vision Illuminators – fills the hallways and egress areas of fire stations with red light to allow first responders to safely navigate to the apparatus bay after dark while preserving their night vision.
  • Station Speakers – ceiling, near-field for zoning, and exterior horn speakers with volume controls provide high-quality audio so responders can clearly hear and understand the details of emergency dispatches, and who’s assigned to handle the emergency call.

Learn more about our audio, visual displays, and zoned alerting.