About Locution Systems

You want to respond faster. We want to help.

Locution Systems’ roots in station alerting run deep. We started this journey over 25 years ago when we began consulting fire stations on how to optimize their alerting solutions. Taking our learnings to pioneer automated voice alerting and zoned station alerting to address our customers’ common pain points. Fast forward to now, we have advanced our alerting solutions across North America and are protecting communities large and small.

Our Areas of Expertise

We work hand-in-hand with you to determine the best dispatch and in-station alerting solutions for your department.

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Comm Center Solutions

Our automated solutions are proven to improve call stacking, turnout times, dispatcher stress, and more.

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In-Station Solutions

Our industry-leading solutions are designed to improve first responder quality of life, instantly relay critical dispatch information, and automate key station functions.

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