PrimeAlert® Radio & IP

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Automate Your Dispatch Delivery Methods

Deliver redundant and precise dispatches to multiple stations, simultaneously. Our solutions help you manage a larger bandwidth with the same personnel by improving call stacking, hold times, and dispatcher stress.

PrimeAlert® Radio

Seamlessly integrate our PrimeAlert® Voice software into your workflow with our PTT or Locution Console Data Interface (LCDI) solutions. This solution easily integrates with all major radio consoles, and is primarily used as a backup to our IP technology to comply with NFPA guidelines.

Compatible with Most Radio Consoles

Continue utilizing your existing radio consoles and integrate them with our upgraded alerting system.

Minimal Hardware

Install Locution Systems’ radio solutions without a significant hardware investment.

Analog & Digital

Choose from either an analog or digital interface to activate radio channels and rapidly deliver dispatches to units in the field.

PrimeAlert® IP

Often favored as the primary alerting path for departments, our proprietary technology sends a low bandwidth text package over the IP network to instantaneously deliver dispatches. Our API layers directly over all major CAD systems and directly sends dispatches to our server to optimize workflows and reduce turnout times.

Minimal Hardware

Install Locution Systems’ radio solutions without a significant hardware investment.


Virtual or Physical Server

Our IP system adapts to your current infrastructure, and can operate on both physical and virtual servers.

Instantaneous Delivery

At the station, our proprietary technology reduces the delivery time of critical information by deciphering the large data packets sent from your CAD in milliseconds.


Integrates with Major CAD Systems

With over 25 years of industry experience, our system functions with most CAD vendors, and our highly skilled support team can handle all major system updates.

Service & Support

24/7 US-based customer support
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 Comprehensive warranty with service agreement

Dedicated training and system onboarding

 Rapidly reduce your response times with our PrimeAlert® Radio & IP delivery methods.