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No. For our system to work effectively it must be installed in your comm center first. However, many of our customers do install Locution at the comm center and fire stations simultaneously.

Absolutely. We have a variety of solutions that work well with the unique framework of volunteer departments. We would encourage you to start by considering our PrimeAlert® Responder Suite.

We do not encourage purchasing hardware separately. We have leveraged years of experience to select the hardware used in our systems. If you feel strongly about purchasing yours separately, we can provide you with a hardware spec sheet to ensure it’s compatible with our system.

Yes. We cover any regular maintenance and necessary replacements from general wear and tear with a service contract in place.

Our customer support is designed around a 3-tiered support package built to accommodate our client’s unique needs.

Yes, of course. We typically provide a digital training session to all relevant staff on the system’s functions prior to go-live. In-person training is an option for an additional cost.

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