Core System

Alerting for Stations Without Zones

With our Core System, simultaneously alert all bunks and common areas through IP alerting. We provide the option to not only use your existing hardware, but also enhance your system with our audio and visual solutions.

Icon for the Core System product feature "Non-Zoned Alerting".

Non-Zoned Alerting

Alerts the whole station, including bunks and common areas, of incoming dispatches.

Icon for the Core System product feature "Ramped Tones".

Ramped Tones

Audio alerting designed to ease first responders awake and reduce cardiac stress.

Icon for the Core System product feature "Visual Devices".

Visual Devices

Seamlessly enhance your system with visual equipment, including but not limited to: reader boards, response timers, switched red lights, and multi-unit indicator lights.

Icon for the Core System product feature "Hardware Flexibility".

Hardware Flexibility

Our systems are compatible with a handful of off-the-shelf hardware along with our proprietary hardware and software, providing you a highly configurable FSA system.

Icon for the Core System product feature "Expandable to a Zone Solution".

Expandable to a Zoned Solution

Our Core System offers the ability to expand with additional hardware to provide the function of an EZ-Zone System. Certified low voltage technician required.

Icon for the Core System product feature "Compatible with PrimeAlert Voice".

Compatible with PrimeAlert® Voice

Delivers clear, accurate, and accent-neutral dispatch audio to responding units, with greater than 99% understandability.

Core System flowchart

How It Works

  • 01 Comm center receives a call and dispatcher commits relevant units.
  • 02 Locution Systems’ high-uptime server routes call to responding station and units.
  • 03a Station receives dispatch.
  • 03b As a non-zoned solution, the Core System universally alerts station to incoming dispatches.
  • 03c Automated station functions trigger to reduce personnel’s additional tasks.
  • 04 Units respond to incident.

Service & Support

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24/7 US-based customer support
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 Comprehensive warranty with service agreement
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Dedicated training and system onboarding

 Rapidly reduce your response times with our Core System.