Locution Systems, Inc. Launches New RFP Template Focused on Faster Response Times, Heath + Safety Issues for First Responders

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Addresses Key Industry Issues with Solutions Including Complete Human Voice Technology

Golden, CO – May 9, 2023 – Locution Systems, Inc. (“Locution”), a leading provider of fire station alerting and automated dispatching solutions, announces today that it has unveiled a new request for proposal (RFP) template that addresses key issues in the field, including response times and critical health and safety issues for first responders.

“Our new RFP template addresses key industry-wide issues and shortfalls with current fire station alerting solutions and solves these issues with several key features,” says Glenn Neal, President, Locution Systems, Inc. “Not only have we simplified our template, we have outlined specific requirements within it that when met by those responding to an RFP created from the template, will result in reduced response times and errors, elimination of call stacking, as well as improvement in the quality of life for first responders.”

Locution is the only fire station alerting company using Complete Human Voice technology — recording every word, inflection, and pronunciation which results in over 99 percent understandability* while at the same time having available a substantial pre-recorded audio library of streets, common places, incidents, phrases and vehicle types. This feature provides exceptionally high understandability, which has been proven to significant decrease response times and differentiates Locution from other providers in the fire station alerting and automated dispatching market.

In addition to Locution’s Complete Human Voice technology, its configurable software provides great versatility in creation of alert and paging tones, including ramped (“heart-saver”) tones. Locution’s standard interface is a tight direct TCP/IP to TCP/IP fast interface, as opposed to Email, SMTP, or SMS interfaces, which do not provide time guarantees. These features resolve several common industry challenges while improving response efficiency, turnout times, dispatcher stress and more.

“Since we put in Locution station alerting, we’ve completely reduced errors in responses. There hasn’t been a single dispatching to the wrong location in the five+ years that the Locution station alerting system has been in operation at Mobile,” says Phillip Ballard, Fire Chief.

Locution’s new RFP template is available online at:

About Locution

Locution specializes in fire station alerting solutions. We are committed to reducing response times, eliminating call stacking and improving quality of life for first responders — safely serving the lives and properties of over 50 million people across North America. Locution is a leader in fire station alerting and automated dispatching with over 30 years of experience delivering a full suite of fast, reliable and configurable solutions to meet the unique demands of fire stations and communication centers. We are the only fire station alerting company using Complete Human Voice technology recording every word, inflection, and pronunciation with over 99% understandability. Learn more or connect with us at

* Based upon data collected in tests using random automated dispatch announcements collected over a two-day period at an installed Locution installation; tests conducted at two major trade shows using first responders attendees for each test.

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