EZ-Zone System

Fire Stations Solution Specific Page

Dynamic Alerting for up to 12 Bunks

With our EZ-Zone solution, personnel can assign themselves to a bunk using our Station Zone Tracker, ensuring they are only alerted to their assigned calls. First responders are gently, yet effectively, woken up through a soft red ramped light, ramped tones, and crystal clear dispatches via our PrimeAlert® Voice.


Zoned Alerting

Provides first responders with the flexibility to pair their bunk with their assigned unit.

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Ramped Tones and Lighting

Audio and visual alerting designed to reduce cardiac stress by easing first responders awake.


Station Zone Tracker

A touch-screen device allowing station personnel to assign themselves to a specific bunk. When a dispatch comes through, only the assigned bunks will be notified.


Compatible with PrimeAlert Voice®

Deliver clear, accurate, and accent neutral dispatch audio to responding units, with 99% understandability.


Hardware Flexibility

Our systems are compatible with a handful of off-the-shelf hardware along with our proprietary hardware and software, providing you the most configurable FSA system.


IP Alerting

Our high-uptime server sends instantaneous dispatch information from your CAD directly to the station’s cabinet.

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Configurable Station Automation

Can control critical station functions including bay doors, kitchen appliances, etc.

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How It Works

  • 01 Comm center receives a call and dispatcher commits relevant units.
  • 02 Locution Systems’ high-uptime server routes call to responding station and units.
  • 03a Station receives dispatch.
  • 03b The EZ-Zone System selectively alerts bunks and all common areas based on incoming dispatches.
  • 03c Automated station functions trigger to reduce personnel’s additional tasks.
  • 04 Units respond to incident.

Service & Support

24/7 US-based customer support
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 Comprehensive warranty with a service agreement
Dedicated training and system onboarding

 Rapidly reduce your response times with our EZ-Zone System.