why locution felt it was time to rebrand

Why Locution Felt It Was Time to Rebrand

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The Shift

Over the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed a shift in the visual identity of Locution Systems. You also may have wondered why Locution felt it was time to rebrand. Historically Locution Systems has prioritized the design and development of our products to reduce response times. As we continue to improve upon our products and services, we are taking the opportunity to improve Locutions’ brand as well. Due to COVID-19 and its substantial global impacts, we went through a thorough self-assessment and we felt it was time to rebrand.

What Brand Identity Means to Us 

Brand identity in any organization is rooted in people’s perceptions and impressions of a product or service. Through every touchpoint between an organization and the customer, the brand is solidified. For our team, Locution’s brand is synonymous with reliability, configurability, and innovation. This identity is built on the backs of our industry-leading software and products. As our offerings evolved to meet new demands, our brand needed to evolve as well.

Why Rebrand Now?

Nothing about this year has been business as usual. For many companies, it’s been enormously transformative as we all adapt to a new normal. Thankfully Locution Systems was able to adapt to this new environment while also keeping a keen eye on innovation. Navigating the uncharted waters 2020 brought unique challenges, but we are happy to report we are stronger than ever.

As part of our yearly analysis, we evaluated how we conduct business, where we could become more efficient, and how to maintain our momentum. 2020 provided the opportunity to refresh our brand as the need for an improved digital presence increased. We are thrilled to share a part of this process with our new brand represented on our website.

What is new with Locution Systems?

At a foundational level, Locution Systems has remained true to its mission. For over two decades Locution Systems remains at the forefront helping reduce response times and improve quality of life for first responders. We accomplish this by providing industry leading alerting solutions, all while continuously innovating the landscape of the industry.

This new refreshed look is our way to better highlight “what’s under the hood” while continuing to support you and your communities. We are excited that you are on this journey with us! 

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