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Murfreesboro, TN Joins the Locution Family

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Murfreesboro and Locution Systems Inc.

The team at Locution is excited to add Murfreesboro, TN in Rutherford County to the growing number of communities relying on Locution Systems to help rapidly reduce their response times.

The Locution Systems Use Case

As one of the top 10 fastest growing mid-sized cities in the country, Murfreesboro’s emergency communication department saw 214,750 emergency/non-emergency calls and 131,524 service response calls come through a dedicated dispatch center in 2019. With an annual growth rate of 3.32% and a 38% overall population increase since its last census, city officials knew they needed to provide dispatchers and first responders with leading tools to meet the demands of a rapidly growing population.

As a city and county that responds to multiple incident types such as fire suppression, swift water rescue, hazardous material response, medical response, and more, Murfreesboro needed a system that could integrate into their diverse operations and seamlessly communicate between its fire stations.

Adapting to a Growing Population

Expecting call volumes to increase as the population grows, along with the type of responses Murfreesboro also needed to find a way to maximize the effectiveness of their existing staff while maintaining a sustainable work environment.

Murfreesboro found a partner to help address these credible issues in Locution Systems and its PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting solutions by providing tools to dispatchers and first responders to better perform their tasks simultaneously and even automate some critical station functions to reduce turnout times. 

 Tools like our industry-leading “Complete Human Voice” automated dispatching, simultaneous station alerting, lightning vast IP network (committing and alerting responders in milliseconds), a non-proprietary suite of station components (lights, horns, speakers) and ability to integrate with all major radio and CAD systems, made the decision easy for Murfreesboro to partner with Locution.

A Track Record of Success

The system will be implemented in the dispatch center and 11 local fire stations where they will quickly experience the value of automation controls in a time-critical workflow.

No stranger to the area, Locution has been used successfully in nearby Nashville for many years and we are happy to do what we can to enable responders to provide world-class services to their communities.

If you or anyone you know may benefit from a Fire Station Alerting system, don’t hesitate to reach out to get on the path to rapidly reduce response times.