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Locution Systems Announces Nine System “Go-Lives” of the PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System in 2019

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GOLDEN, Colo., Jan. 13, 2020 – Locution Systems, Inc., which offers the PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System, today announced that nine cities & counties have gone live with the PrimeAlert® system in 2019.

Cities & Counties That Deployed PrimeAlert® in 2019 Span Both Coasts

Since PrimeAlert® is a modular fire station alerting system, Fire-EMS departments can pick and choose the functionality they most need for their fire station alerting system. Then, Fire-EMS departments that choose PrimeAlert® can easily incorporate additional system components and functionality as more budget becomes available over time. Here’s a look at the different configurations of the PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System that have gone live in 2019:

  • Boone County, Indiana (UsingPrimeAlert® Radio)
  • Greenfield Territory Fire, Indiana (Dispatched through Hancock County and using PrimeAlert® IP – a high-speed digital network)
  • Hancock County, Indiana (Using PrimeAlert® Radio)
  • Hamilton County, Ohio (Using PrimeAlert® Radio)
  • City of Salem, Virginia (Using PrimeAlert® Radio & PrimeAlert® IP)
  • City of Santa Barbara, California (Using PrimeAlert® Radio)
  • City of Southern Pines, North Carolina (Dispatched through Moore County, North Carolina & using PrimeAlert® IP – a high-speed digital network)
  • City of Terre Haute, Indiana (Dispatched through Vigo County and using PrimeAlert® IP – a high-speed digital network)
  • Vigo County, Indiana (Using PrimeAlert® Radio)

“The whole purpose of the PrimeAlert® fire station alerting system is to speed response times, save lives and property, and reduce stress for dispatchers & first responders,” said Glenn Neal, president of Locution Systems. “We’re pleased to bring these powerful technologies into these new communities now served by PrimeAlert.”

PrimeAlert® Offers Automated 911 Dispatching, Visual & Zoned Fire Station Alerting

The PrimeAlert® station alerting system offers a wide variety of ways to alert first responders that they’re being dispatchers, including:

  • Automated 911 Dispatching – 911 dispatches are vocalized at fire stations using a clear, crisp voice.
  • Visual Alerting – Visual alerting offerings include a variety of specialized fire station lighting systems & devices to alert first responders that they’re being dispatched.
  • Audio Alerting – Tones, Heartsaver tones & ramped audio alerting are available.
  • Zoned Fire Station Alerting – Zoned alerting is a special fire station alerting module that can send dispatches & alerting prompts only to the first responders being dispatched, which allows the rest of the responders in the fire station to sleep through the night (thus mitigating sleep deprivation).

About Locution Systems, Inc.

Founded in 1993, Locution Systems, Inc. offers the PrimeAlert® Fire Station Alerting System: a comprehensive, modular suite of fire station alerting technologies for fire and EMS departments including: Automated Voice Alerting; Fire Station Lighting Systems, Visual Alerting Devices, and Displays; automated control of apparatus bay doors, traffic signals, gates, and shut-off of gas stoves at fire stations; Zoned Fire Station Alerting to reduce sleep deprivation for first responders working at multi-unit fire stations; and Fire Station Sound Systems. PrimeAlert® integrates with standard Computer-Aided Dispatching (CAD) systems operating in most 911 communication centers. Locution Systems’ fire station alerting system is deployed in small, medium, and large cities and counties throughout North America. It speeds response times to medical emergencies and fires; reduces stress and sleep deprivation for first responders; and reduces 911 call stacking and stress for 911 dispatchers during times of high 911 call volume. PrimeAlert® currently is serving and protecting more than 40 million people in communities throughout North America.  Locution Systems can be reached at (303) 301-7300, or www.locution.com



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