Locution Systems User Group

Locution User Group

Announcing the 2nd annual Locution Systems User Group!

We are pleased to announce the 2nd annual Locution Systems User Group taking place September 12-15. This event is dedicated to serving our customers and building relationships by offering breakout sessions taught by our expert team, moderated open-format discussions between departments, customer questions sessions, and much more.

When not in session, networking happy hours will give attendees the opportunity to meet the Locution team, chat with representatives from departments all over the country and enjoy a special meal during the offsite dinner. Reserve your spot now and mark your calendars for the 2nd annual Locution Systems User Group.

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Preliminary Schedule

The breakout session curriculum is still in development, although the schedule overview is finalized and below.

Welcome reception

Breakout Session & Presentations

Breakout Session & Presentations

Farewell Breakfast



Price includes Welcome Reception Monday night, meals and snacks during conference breakout sessions both Tuesday and Wednesday, access to User Group breakouts, off-site dinner Tuesday including transportation, and breakfast Thursday.

*Book your own flights & accommodations at The Golden Hotel. A block of rooms has been reserved, just ask for the Locution Systems rooms.

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