EZ-Zone System

Dynamic Alerting for up to 12 Bunks

With EZ-Zone, you can conveniently assign units to specific bunks while improving first responder cardiac health by pairing the system with heart ramped tones and lights. As a zoned alerting solution, first responders can sleep through the night by only being alerted to calls that pertain to their unit.

Zone Tracker

A touch screen device that allows station personnel to assign themselves to a specific bunk. Once assigned, bunks will only be alerted if dispatched.

Zoned Alerting

Provides the flexibility for first responders to pair their unit to their assigned bunk.

Ramped Tones and Lights

Audio and visual alerting designed to ease first responders awake and reduce cardiac stress.

IP Alerting

The Locution server uses a high-speed network to send dispatch information from your CAD to multiple stations, simultaneously. This will improve your response times and reduce dispatcher stress.

Compatible with PrimeAlert Voice®

Delivers clear, accurate, and accent-neutral dispatch audio to responding units, with greater than 99% understandability.

Hardware Flexibility

Our systems are compatible with a handful of off-the-shelf hardware along with our proprietary hardware and software, providing you a highly configurable FSA system.

Visual Devices

Seamlessly enhance your system with visual equipment, including but not limited to: reader boards, response timers, switched red lights, and multi-unit indicator lights.

LS Infographic EZ Zone

How It Works

  • 01 Comm center receives a call and dispatcher commits relevant units.
  • 02 Locution server routes call on-site at the comm center to responding units.
  • 03a Fire station receives dispatch. The dispatcher commits the best units.
  • 03b As a dynamic zoned solution, the EZ-Zone System can make up to 12 bunk-to-unit assignments on the fly and selectively alerts relevant units to incoming dispatches.
  • 03c The station alerts and distributes incident information through audio and visual indicators.
  • 03d Automated station functions activate to reduce personnel’s tasks.
  • 04 First responders load up and are en route to the incident.

Service & Support

24/7 US-based customer support
 Comprehensive warranty when a service agreement is in place
Dedicated training and system onboarding

 Rapidly reduce your response times with our EZ-Zone System.